Rome and Byzantium
753 B.C. - A.D. 1000

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Rykken, C. B. Highroad to Carthage [5th century A.D.]. When the Vandals sack Rome in A.D. 455 and a mob dismembers the emperor, Lady Adriana escapes the ruined city and flees down the Italian peninsula, with the murderous agents of Faustinus two steps behind.
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April-June 2005

Blake, Gordon. The Nero Agenda [April 2005; 1st century A.D.]. Fifteen years after the Romans overrun Britain, the conquerors’ cruelty invades the royal house of the Iceni, and Queen Boadicea is forced to take action.

Brouwer, Sigmund, and Hank Hanegraaf. The Last Disciple [June 2005; 1st century A.D.]. Defending Christians against Nero’s ruthless persecution, the warrior-hero Vitas begins to suspect that the Antichrist has already been revealed.

Gold, Alan. Warrior Queen [June 2005; 1st century A.D.]. Betrayed by the Romans after years of patient cooperation, the Celtic queen Boudica rallies her people and takes catastrophic revenge on the invaders.

James, Frank. The Kelt [June 2005; 1st century B.C.]. The Gaulish warrior-prince Vercingetorix defies fate in rebelling against the Roman conquerors of his homeland under Julius Caesar.

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McCarthy, Terry. The Sword of Hannibal [June 2005; 3rd century B.C.]. Strabo, an unscrupulous mercenary, joins the Carthaginian army in Spain, and schemes to steal a fortune in gold from Hannibal’s personal guards.

Nash, Joy. Celtic Fire [June 2005; 1st century A.D.]. Drawn to wild Britannia by a vision of his murdered brother, Lucius Acquila is captivated by the beautiful Celtic witch Rhiannon.

Noyer, Albert. The Cybelene Conspiracy [May 2005; mystery, 5th century A.D.]. The castrated corpse of a youth, discovered in an Arian church at Ravenna, presents the surgeon Getorius Asterius with a baffling mystery involving a counterfeit ring, smuggled Chinese goods, and the self-mutilating votaries of the goddess Cybele.

Roberts, John Maddox. The Princess and the Pirates [June 2005; mystery, 1st century B.C.]. At Cyprus on a mission to rid the Mediterranean of pirates, Decius Metellus investigates the Roman governor’s murder, possibly by the Egyptian princess Cleopatra. ("SPQR," 9)

Saylor, Steven. A Gladiator Dies Only Once [June 2005; mysteries, 1st century B.C.]. Thefts, intrigues, murders, gladiatorial contests, and chariot races provide the occasions for nine short mysteries from the early career of Gordianus the Finder.


Other Titles in Print

Alison, Jane. The Love-Artist [1st century A.D.]. Vacationing on the Black Sea coast, the poet Ovid has a torrid affair with the mystical Xenia, and makes the fatal decision to bring her back to Rome.

Altimari, William. Legion [1st century B.C.]. Massed Germans are preparing to overrun Gaul, and a tough Roman centurion must whip his raw recruits into a fighting force that can turn back the barbarians.

Bacheller, Irving. Vergilius [1st century A.D.]. A high-born official, a favorite of the emperor’s, gets wind of the birth of Christ while at Rome on government business; first published in 1904.

Beatty, John. The Fourth Part of Gaul [1st century B.C.]. Escaping the wrath of Julius Caesar, fugitive Gauls sail westward on the Atlantic and find themselves dependent for their survival on a young Roman captive.

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