Africa, America, Asia
3500 B.C. - A.D. 1000

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French, Judith. The Conqueror [Persia, 4th century B.C.]. When Alexander the Great conquers her territory and takes her as his wife, the Persian princess Roxanne finds herself genuinely attracted to the invader.

Garwood, Haley Elizabeth. Zenobia [Syria, 3rd century A.D.]. The warrior queen of Palmyra takes Rome as a dangerous ally in her effort to get back the kingdom stolen by her dead husbandís bastard son.

Gear, Kathleen O’Neal, and W. Michael Gear. People of the Masks [North America, c.6th-10th centuries A.D.]. A murderous war-chief pursues a mysteriously gifted child through the wintry forests of

Gear, Kathleen OíNeal, and W. Michael Gear. People of the Owl [North America, c.21st century B.C.]. A fifteen-year-old dreamer in prehistoric Louisiana is unexpectedly thrust into manhood as Speaker for the Owl Clan. present-day New York and Ontario.

Horch, Daniel. The Angel with One Hundred Wings [Mesopotamia, 9th century A.D.]. Abulhassan, bosom friend and chess partner of the sultan Harun al-Rashid, falls in love with the sultanís favorite concubine.

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Huby, Peter. Carthage [North Africa, 2nd century B.C.]. At the end of a three-year siege, the Roman army storms Carthage, slaughters its inhabitants, and razes the city to the ground..

Kakar, Sudhir. The Ascetic of Desire [India, 4th century A.D.]. Vatsayana, author of the Kama Sutra, is seen through the eyes of his fictional student, a young man beginning his own study of eroticism.

Kirwin, C. J. Dawn of the Greatest Persian [Persia, 6th century B.C.]. Cyrus the Great manages to survive and transcend the court culture of lies, hatred, and revenge in which he spends his childhood.

Lantz, David L. The Brotherhood of the Scroll [Mesopotamia, 7th-6th centuries B.C.]. Biblical characters live out the spiritual implications of politics during the Jewish exile to Babylon.

Leckie, Ross. Hannibal [North Africa, 3rd-2nd centuries B.C.]. The battle-scarred Carthaginian general looks back on his spectacular but unsuccessful invasion of the Roman homeland.

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Liggens, Eleanor. Esther [November 2002; Persia, 5th century B.C.]. A Jewish orphan, crowned queen of Persia by King Xerxes, risks death to protect her people from annihilation.

Luo Guanzhong. Three Kingdoms [China, 3rd century B.C.-3rd century A.D.]. An immense fifteenth-century novel that reconstructs the decline of the Han dynasty twelve centuries earlier.

Maalouf, Amin. The Gardens of Light [Mesopotamia, 3rd century A.D.]. The Mesopotamian mystic Mani becomes the prophet of a new religion, Manichaeism, with its vision of heaven as a "garden of light."

Makiya, Kanan. The Rock [Palestine, 7th century A.D.]. Ishaq, architect of the Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem, reconstructs the spiritual journeys of Abraham and others memorialized by Islam’s first monument.

Montross, Sanford A. Dagger [Mesopotamia, 7th-6th centuries B.C.]. Nebuchadrezzar, king of Babylon, loses his health, his two wives, and his throne when he steps outside the protection of the great god Yahweh.

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