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Medieval History. Articles on medieval Britain, Europe, Byzantium, Africa, and Asia, with special attention to King Arthur and the Vikings.

Mystery Guide Historical Subgenre Page. Detailed reviews and ratings of prominent contributions, including works by Anna Apostolou, Lindsey Davis, John Maddox Roberts, Lynda Robinson, Steven Saylor, Peter Tremayne, and Robert van Gulik.

The Roman History Reading Group. Articles, book chats, and many useful links, presented by "book lovers with an interest in history, especially Roman history . . . by way of fiction, mystery, or non-fiction. . . ."

Soon’s Historical Fiction Site. A prime resource for historical-fiction enthusiasts, with links to many sites overlooked or buried by mainstream search-engines; includes "Writers of Historical Fiction" (an annotated master-list of classic and modern authors).

Sue Feder’s Magical Mystery Tour. An award-winning collection of 900+ reviews, emphasizing historical mysteries.

Teresa’s Historical Fiction Page. A collection of unusual links, with commentary.

Webhotep.com. “The site for ancient Egyptian mystery,” updated weekly, with book reviews and comprehensive information about Egyptian art, culture, and people.


Authors' Websites

Peggy Ullman Bell. See "Greece," Psappha.

Marion Zimmer Bradley. See "Britain and Ireland," The Forest House, Lady of Avalon, and The Mists of Avalon.

Gillian Bradshaw (Gillian Ball). See "Egypt," The Beacon at Alexandria; "Greece," The Sand-Reckoner; and "Rome and Byzantium" and "Britain and Ireland," Island of Ghosts.

Irene Brand. See "Rome and Byzantium," In This Sign Conquer and Like a Burning Fire.

Sigmund Brouwer. See "Israel," The Weeping Chamber.

Orson Scott Card. See "Egypt" and "Israel," Sarah and Stone Tables.

Paulo Coelho. See "Israel," The Fifth Mountain.

Donald Corley. See “Rome,” Tychicus.

Michael Crichton. See "Dark Ages and Barbarian Europe," Eaters of the Dead.

Donna Woolfolk Cross. See "Dark Ages and Barbarian Europe," Pope Joan.

Claudia Dain. See “Britain” and “Rome,” To Burn.

Lindsey Davis. See "Rome and Byzantium," The Course of Honor, A Dying Light in Corduba, The Iron Hand of Mars, Last Act in Palmyra, One Virgin Too Many, Poseidon’s Gold, Shadows in Bronze, Silver Pigs, Three Hands in the Fountain, Time to Depart, Two for the Lions, and Venus in Copper.

Janice L. Dennie. See "Israel," Moon Goddess: The Queen of Sheba.

L. Warren Douglas. See “Dark Ages and Barbarian Europe,” The Sacred Pool and The Veil of Years.

India Edghill. See "Israel," Queenmaker.

Gene Edwards. See “Israel” and “Rome,” The Gaius Diary, The Priscilla Diary, The Silas Diary, and The Titus Diary

Randy Lee Eickhoff. See "Britain and Ireland," The Destruction of the Inn, The Feast, The Raid, and The Sorrows.

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