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Reviews, Articles, Indexes

Amazon.com Book Search. The largest collection of readers' reviews on the Internet.

Ancient Egypt in Fiction. A master list of fiction that makes "a significant nod, gracious or otherwise, to the antiquities of Egypt."

Ancient Greece in Fiction. Fiction in English (in and out of print), from the Bronze Age through Cleopatra, classified by major historical periods and historical/mythic figures.

Ancient/Classical History. Articles on ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Near East, and Asia, with some reviews of historical fiction.

The Ancient World Web. An index of 1224 web sites devoted to architecture, art, daily life, law, language, and other aspects of antiquity.

Barnes & Noble Book Search. Detailed descriptions and professional reviews of nearly all titles on these pages.

BookBrowser Reviews: Historical Fiction. An extensive, up-to-date collection of online book reviews, including many authors in this Guide.

Books 'n' Bytes. Bio-bibliographical information about authors of historical mysteries, with tour schedules and links to fans' websites.

BrothersJudd.com: Historical Fiction: Reviews. A personal page with detailed reviews of Bernard Cornwell, Michael Crichton, Howard Fast, Steven Pressfield, and Jack Whyte, among others.

Danny Yee’s Book Reviews. An Australian site with reviews of Robert Graves, Colleen McCullough, Mary Renault, Peter Tremayne, Robert van Gulik, and others.

Dark Age Web. Background information on the barbarian kingdoms that succeeded the western Roman Empire: peoples, biographies, battles, sources, nomenclature.

The Detective and the Toga. An exhaustive bibliography of mysteries set in ancient Rome, including recent releases, new editions, forthcoming works, and a list of available novels in twelve languages.

FalcoPhiles: Marcus Didius Falco Fan Site. Detailed commentary on the works of Lindsey Davis (background, fictional characters, historical characters), but with reviews of other authors under "Historical Fiction."

Fiction Set in Ancient Greece. An annotated list of classics and curiosities, particularly valuable as a guide to out-of-print authors: Michael Ayrton, Alfred Duggan, Gladys Schmitt, and many others. 

Fictional Rome. A comprehensive guide to fiction set in ancient Rome, including reviews and a searchable database of 1500+ novels and 150+ short stories, sorted by author, title, historical period, date of publication, subject, and other categories.

Historical Cheat Sheet. Background information about the Celts, Arthur, the Dark Ages, and medieval times: chronology, history, lifestyles, sources.

Historical Fiction about Ancient Rome. Historische Romane über das alte Rom, in German and English: a monumental project to list all published novels and short stories about ancient Rome, in all languages, in and out of print; indexed alphabetically and by persons, locations, and subjects, with some reviews.

Historical Fiction Review. Formerly World Historical Fiction: articles, reviews, links, e-mail updates, and a special section for young readers; particular emphasis on Christian fiction.

Historical Mystery Appreciation Society. A classic resource for historical-mystery buffs: articles, a comprehensive links page, and reviews of Lindsey Davis, P. C. Doherty, Lauren Haney, John Maddox Roberts, and Steven Saylor, among many others.

Historical Mystery Bibliography. A guide to mysteries (in and out of print) of all historical eras, including ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, and medieval China, England, France, Ireland, and Italy; includes links to many reviews.

Historical Mystery Homepage. A bibliography of mysteries (in and out of print) sorted by period (including the ancient world and the Middle Ages) and listing author, title, time-frame, and geographical setting.

Historical Novels Review. The printed Review is intended to cover all new works of historical fiction released in the United States and the United Kingdom (about 600 titles annually); some reviews are to be available online.

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