3000 B.C. - A.D. 395

Titles in Print 

Bell, Peggy Ullman. Psappha [7th century B.C.]. In exile, the poetess Sappho takes an African queen as a lover and returns to Lesbos to write and teach.

Belt, D. J. An Amazon’s Moon [5th century B.C.]. The rulers of Athens commission Syri, ship’s captain and poet, to negotiate a defense treaty with the Amazons against the invading Persians.

Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Firebrand [c.12th century B.C.]. Kassandra, princess of Troy and priestess of Apollo, witnesses the destruction of her city during the Trojan War.

Bradshaw, Gillian. The Beacon at Alexandria [4th century A.D.]. Barred from the medical profession because she is a woman, Charis disguises herself as a eunuch, flees to Alexandria, and studies to become a physician.

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Bradshaw, Gillian. The Sand-Reckoner [3rd century B.C.]. Engineer and mathematician, dreamer and genius, Archimedes invents weapons that give his native Syracuse the edge in its war with Rome.

Brogan, Patrick D. Raven’s Prey [5th century B.C.]. At the height of its power on the seas, Athens pursues a bold, dangerous plan to destroy the dominance of Sparta on land.

Brown, Brady Quinlan. Honored by Man [c.12th century B.C.]. Cursed by the gods, the heroes and heroines of Greece and Troy destroy themselves in a ten-year war. (Four volumes)

Butts Mary. The Classical Novels [before 1st century A.D.]. A republication of The Macedonian (Alexander the Great, 1933), Scenes from the Life of Cleopatra (1935), and three short stories set in antiquity.

Carnahan, Peter. Pharnabazus Sits on the Ground with the Spartan Captains [4th century B.C.]. A Persian ruler and a Spartan warrior meet on the Hellespont to settle certain troublesome questions about the death of the Athenian general Alcibiades.

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Cavallaro, Lenny. The Trojan Dialogues [c.12th century B.C.]. The story of Troy, narrated by the Greek hero Diomedes, harmonizing various ancient accounts with the findings of modern archaeology.

Chavarria, Daniel. The Eye of Cybele [4th century B.C.]. A sacred jewel disappears in a swirl of political and sexual intrigue involving Socrates, Alcibiades, a demented priest, and a temple prostitute.

Cheney, David. Son of Minos [c.21st century B.C.]. "Seven sacred axes of stone" set the mood of a seafaring adventure in Bronze Age Crete; first published in 1930.

Clarke, Lindsay. War at Troy [c.12th century B.C.]. Paris, the world’s handsomest man, elopes to Troy with Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, thus precipitating the Trojan War.

Cole, Les. Lion at Sea [16th century B.C.]. Sanati, the spoiled heir to a trading fortune, must cope manfully with natural calamity, his mother’s disappearance, his wife’s hostility, and the evil designs of the king of Crete.

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