The "Dark Ages"
and Barbarian Europe
800 B.C. - A.D. 1000

New Titles 

April-June 2005

James, Frank. The Kelt [June 2005; 1st century B.C.]. The Gaulish warrior-prince Vercingetorix defies fate in rebelling against the Roman conquerors of his homeland under Julius Caesar.

Janoda, Jeff. Saga [April 2005; 10th century A.D.]. To spite his ruthless son Arnkel, Thorolf the Viking trades away the family’s lands in medieval Iceland, and the son swears to get them back at any cost.


Other Titles in Print

Altimari, William. Legion [1st century B.C.]. Massed Germans are preparing to overrun Gaul, and a tough Roman centurion must whip his raw recruits into a fighting force that can turn back the barbarians.

Anderson, Poul. Mother of Kings [10th century A.D.]. With shamanic powers at her disposal, Gunnhild realizes her ambition to marry the Norse king Eirik Blood-Ax, and subsequently wields the power behind his throne.

Borchardt, Alice. The Silver Wolf [8th century A.D.]. Regeane, a teenage werewolf and a distant relative of Charlemagne, escapes from her uncle’s clutches and prowls the streets of eighth-century Rome.

Borchardt, Alice. The Wolf King [8th century A.D.]. A fugitive Saxon slave rescues the werewolf Regeane from an Alpine blizzard, and the two, with Regeane’s mate Maeniel, attach themselves to the court of Charlemagne.

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Brandewyne, Rebecca. Swan Road [9th century A.D.]. Wulfgar Bloodaxe takes the Welsh princess Rhowenna captive during a Viking raid on Welsh territory, and discovers that she has mystical powers along with her other excellences.

Brinckloe, William D. Tara, Princess of Wales [9th century A.D.]. A Welsh warrior-princess becomes the lover of a Viking chieftain, commands a trade mission to Byzantium, and fights her way back to Britain.

Crichton, Michael. Eaters of the Dead [10th century A.D.]. Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, a cultured diplomat from Baghdad, is carried off to the barbarous North by a band of Vikings. (Also published as The 13th Warrior)

Crone-Aamot, Olav. Magnus the Viking [10th century A.D.]. Magnus Haraldsson, a young Norseman, takes a blood oath to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Hjartan the Terrible.

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