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3500 B.C. - A.D. 1000:
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  • Updated quarterly, this Guide is a quick survey of novels in print (in stock, in English, in the USA) set in the ancient world and the early Middle Ages.

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  • Generally the Guide omits stories for children and young adults, e-books without printed versions, books for which insufficient descriptive material is available, and works in which fantasy is more prominent than history. Collections of short fiction are listed occasionally.

  • The Guide is offered "as is," with no guarantees, but it is meant to be accurate, up-to-date, and complete. Suggestions and corrections are more than welcome; please e-mail them to [email protected]. For convenience, use the e-mail form on the Search/Comment page.

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Rykken, C. B. Highroad to Carthage [Rome, 5th century A.D.]. When the Vandals sack Rome in A.D. 455 and a mob dismembers the emperor, Lady Adriana escapes the ruined city and flees down the Italian peninsula, with the murderous agents of Faustinus two steps behind.
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New Titles
April-June 2005

Bissonette, Curt. Noble Stone [April 2005; Britain, 10th century A.D.]. The bastard son of a British king overcomes the stigma of his birth and leads his countrymen against the invading Vikings.

Blake, Gordon. The Nero Agenda [April 2005; Rome, Britain, 1st century A.D.]. Fifteen years after the Romans overrun Britain, the conquerors’ cruelty invades the royal house of the Iceni, and Queen Boadicea is forced to take action.

Brouwer, Sigmund, and Hank Hanegraaf. The Last Disciple [June 2005; Rome, 1st century A.D.]. Defending Christians against Nero’s ruthless persecution, the warrior-hero Vitas begins to suspect that the Antichrist has already been revealed.

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Cattie, Ray. Ard Righ: The Sword on the Stone [April 2005; Britain, c.6th century A.D.]. Escaping the manipulative wizard Myrddin, the young Arthur (Ard Righ) finds the legendary sword Excalibur (Caladfwlch), and begins his rise to power.

Dreogan-Beornwulf, Isa. Blood Raven’s Last Battle Prince [June 2005; Britain, c.6th century A.D.]. Cadfael, son and successor of King Machraith the Beast, battles Saxons, Celts, and his own family while coping with a mysterious threat to his wife Guenhumara, the legendary King Arthur’s true love.

Gold, Alan. Warrior Queen [June 2005; Rome, Britain, 1st century A.D.]. Betrayed by the Romans after years of patient cooperation, the Celtic queen Boudica rallies her people and takes catastrophic revenge on the invaders.

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